"How is in Vienna?" is textual-video project, consisted by five recordings of full metro road in Vienna. Each line is separated video, recorded in one sequence from the first to the end stop. Recorded moving images were a base for stream of consciousness writing, to video linked as a subtitle. This emblematic (text + image) result, in which author publishing his cognitive processes in the full voluminosity of everyday banalities, stands as a vague excerpt from one ongoing critical monologue. There is no certain thematic or style which dominated in those monologues. This method questions the processes, strategies and formats of mental mapping of a certain space and time in full heterogeneity of their contexts, with emphasized critical position. In this case, the subject is a young Bosnian artist who comes to Vienna for the first time to live and work there. He chooses to position his thoughts somewhere in between his bedroom (text) and the Vienna's U-bahn (video).

Read about "Critical intimacy".

The work is a part of 'Critical Intimism,' a methodology that explores personal-social readings, juxtaposing contemplation (monologue) with specific living circumstances captured through video or photography.

The video-essays were created in 2012 and have been showcased multiple times as a TV video installation running all the videos in loop. In its final form, the work was concluded in 2023, with a floor projection of the Vienna's metro map, whose lines are linked to the corresponding video essays. The installation is produced by the Museum of Contemporary Art in Banja Luka and the VizArt Association.

  • Research: Moving Chronotopes; Critical intimacy
  • Medium: Video essay
  • Year: 2012
  • Duration: Five videos together 02:18:05