Dear KulturKontakt,

You asked me to send you some mail-art, so here we are. I was thinking what I could send to you, and I found my old Bosnian passport. By thinking about what mail-art is for me, and looking spontaneously at my old passport which was lying on the table, I twitched hard! I brought my old passport with me to Austria an idea to give it "back" to someone here. I like this passport, but it starts to be more then passport, since I'm feeling it as a sort of "totem" of what my rights are in this world, and how I'm perceived by those who created the idea of traveling in contemporary culture. To be frank, I feel this passport more Austrian then mine. I met one very nice guy here. His name is Paul. I decided to give him this passport while we were dancing on some techno party. Just like that. Without some explaining. He took it. But, I found my passport in my room again. Paul was thinking I was drunk, so he gave passport back to Adela, who put back passport at my room. Actually, it was the luck. Even Paul is Austrian, he hardly can represent Austrian foreign policy. Not because he is just one individual, but because he is quite different then everything I met here. Dirgession: I am just admired at some point, with very logic he uses to access to, or, to move in what psychoanalysis calls "external world". I decided to gift this passport to KulturKontakt, to you, I hope so you did not find this act insulting, since, from the previous text you anticipate, you sens, you guess, what about this is. Banal, you are European institution, and I consider EU is original creator of Bosnian and Herzegovinian passport, but also money and so many others things. So, simbolically, I give you this passport back, since you are "the author". No. There is nothing symbolical or cynical in this act I do. Or, maybe just a bit. The point is: I realized that original idea to give this passport back to someone from EU, is totally stupid. I realized, if I use this passport as a letter, I'm going to "detotemize" this object. Word "detotemize" does not exist, but I hope you catch it. So, by transforming, from the passport to the letter, I menage to cancel some negative connotations this object has at my mental space. That's already quite nice! The second, if I have transformed it to the letter, I should send it to someone. right? And here we are. You asked me for some mail, and I'm sending you this "mail", wishing you best!

Wien, Februry 16, 2012 Mladen Bundalo

  • Research: Moving Chronotopes
  • Medium: Object, Text
  • Year: 2012
  • Dimensions: 12,5x9,3cm;