As a « foreign subject », I'm being treated with a great interest by administrative apparatus of privileged, developed and democratic countries, and somehow I end up moving and living mostly in such states. Having asked for more than 20 visas and one residence permit in a period of five years and forced to pass humiliating separate audition to get permission to marry in France I start willing to understand what the hell is going on?

I could pretend to say I know why, but basically I have no idea why! Trying to understand such treatment through the prism of international relation, security measures, economy, culture , heritage... brings you very soon to the conclusion: actual foreign policy is all about lovely and reasonably packed hypocrisy as a result of the self-interest related measures done by ruling establishment in those countries.

But, what if they are just right? Maybe immigrants are really more than just allegorical representation of war, poverty and suffering. Maybe they are really bringing chaos into order, a great danger for those privileged, developed and democratic countries.

The best place would be to start examining your own “immigrant” thoughts. Knowing someone's internal monologue has been ultimate fetish of well-organized and secure society (see: The Minority Report, Nineteen Eighty-Four). I have been exposing my thoughts in seemingly ordinary occasion, seeking for anomalies, something dangerous, something inhuman.

Hence, "Foreign Citizen" is a photo-essay exposing internal monologues of new arrival immigrant. Followed by a sequence of a point of view photography it creates emblematic [image+text] excerpt to everyday life dilemmas, fears, hope, etc.


Foreign citizen is the work based on the methodological platform entitled "Critical intimacy". Read about "Critical intimacy" in the Journal.