Original Title: Nenad
Genre: Documentary, film-essay
Duration: 22min
Year of Production: 2020
Country of Production: Belgium
Country/es of Co-Production: Bosnia and Herzegovina
Screening Format: DCP 2K Flat
Colour: Colour
Language: French; Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian
Subtitles: English

Nenad is a worker at a train repair factory in Prijedor, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and as many young people around him, he plans to go to work and possibly permanently live in Slovenia. Between nostalgia for the homeland and dreams of a better life, the film explores the dilemmas that arise when you decide to leave your country.

Director: Mladen Bundalo
Screenplay: Mladen Bundalo; Lucie Fournier
Camera: Mladen Bundalo
Sound: Nebojša Marić, Jeanne Debarsy Editing: Dhyaa Joda; Lou Vercelletto
Music: [machina]
Sound Editing: Hélène Clerc-Denisot
Mixing: Rémi Gerard
Graphic design: Pierre de Belgique
Producer: Pierre-Louis Cassou
Production: La tangente
Co-producer: Zoran Galić
Co-production: Vizart Film

Božana Gnjatović
Nenad Gnjatović
Dario Rujević
Radomir Grbić
Dragan Inđić
Nebojša Marić
Dalibor Jokić

Biography of Director:
Mladen Bundalo was born in 1986 in Bosnia-Herzegovina. Graduated visual arts in Banja Luka (BiH) and video, multimedia and performing arts in Brno (CZ). An interdisciplinary artist working on a visual, dialogical, and auto-ethnographical system addressing movement, exchange, value, inflation, temporality and uncertainty, as nodal categories in the experience of modern society. Participated in over hundred international art-projects, exhibitions, screenings and residencies. Member of the “Tač.ka” art group. Lives and works in Brussels (BE).

Filmography of Director (as Director):
• 2020, “Hypermigrations”, video-essay
• 2018, “Hyperinflation”, animation-essay
• 2018, “Chronique d’un printemps”, video-essays
• 2015, “Why do you want to marry?”, short experimental film
• 2012, ”How is in Vienna?”, video-essay

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