The discourse of ideas of a young artist from Prijedor, Mladen Bundalo, outspreads between the borders of the dualisms such are nationalism and globalism. By paraphrasing the traditional, daily and historical moments, and using them as metaphors, the author approaches to many current paradoxes of demands and values of the dominant cultural and political attitudes. Using video art, installations and performance, Bundalo antagonizes the mechanisms of the functioning of the societies, on the one hand the Western culture that is usually assigned as the civilized one, and, on the other hand, the Balkans society, which is the most frequently seen through a prism of something magical. There, it is about some kind of a chronotope, out of which a specific artistic performance (behavior) is born. In his creativity, the author starts from questioning the efficiency of the folk rituals, which still do evolve and exist (the cyber project Fear smelting), and the manipulative powers of a contemporary spectacle (Colour TV), ceremonial (The Anti-ceremonial proclaim planet Earth), and he reviews the extent of the adoption and the necessity to perform through a specific system of traces and meanings. Bundalo believes that all of the discourses, starting from the political ones to the artistic ones, have been compelled by some kind of a fear which is used as a manipulation of each and every social class, as the matter a fact, all of these discourses can be transferred to the contemporary society in general. In his work “Ben Ferato”, the author questions his own position, ironically pointing out the general aptitude to enter the system of art market, in which the gallerists, critics and curators operate with big “package of young and old East-European art.”

  • Cluster: Between Natio-Globalism and Shamanism
  • Works: Anti-ceremonial proclamation of the planet Earth; Black box; Color TV; Ben Ferato; Fear Smelting
  • Medium: Video, photo, object, performance
  • Year: 2007-2010