Tac.ka is the art group formed by art students from Banja Luka Art Academy in Bosnia-Herzegovina, back in 2007. The group immediately brought attention by radically different working approach, targeting the corruption within cultural institutions, but also a stereotype image of Bosnian artist. The group operated in a state of constant conflict toward any established contemporary art centre or institution in Bosnia. The timing of works and their targets where carefully, almost militarily selected. The group is questioning a neo-liberal wind sealing the "socially engaged art" of (post)war Bosnia. A perpetual overuse of ethnic and war related questions with idea to feed Western pseudo-curiosity and melancholy of happenings in Balkans, and, in order to (un)intentionally underestimate general economic failure of the implementation of Capitalism. As a result of tackling that "forbidden fruit" of regional intellectual life, the group was somewhat marginalized. The Tač.ka was also initiator of the ArsKozara - art in nature laboratory, that lasted for nine years.

Here you can find some of the Tac.ka group works, but you can also go to visit the official web page: www.tacka.org

Tacka in BHS means a point, dot, full stop.

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Mladen Bundalo