Tac.ka is the art group formed by art students from Banja Luka Art Academy in Bosnia-Herzegovina, back in 2007. The group immediately brought attention by radically different working approach, targeting the corruption within cultural institutions, but also a stereotype image of Bosnian artist. The group operated in a state of constant conflict toward any established contemporary art centre or institution in Bosnia. The timing of works and their targets where carefully, almost militarily selected. The group was manipulating the questionable neo-liberal values found in engaged art of post-war Bosnia - perprtual overuse by ethnic questions. As a result, the group was somewhat marginalised in the region. The group was an initiator of the ArsKozara - art in nature laboratory, that lasted for nine years.

Here you can find some of the Tac.ka group works, but you can also go to visit the official web page: www.tacka.org

Tacka in BHS means a point, dot, full stop.

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Mladen Bundalo